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How do I delete apps from my iphone or ipad

How do I delete apps off my iPad or iPhone? It is very simple to remove apps from your iPhone and iPad and the methods I will be describing works exactly the same for both.  It doesn’t take long to download and accumulate many, many apps a lot being free trials. Once in a while you need to remove unused and unwanted apps. There are two different methods to removing apps from your device and I will go over both and this works for both free apps and paid apps. If it is a paid app you wish to remove, you can re-download it at any time for free you will not have to pay for it again.

App removal method 1: This is the simplest way to remove apps from your iPhone and iPad. Follow these easy steps to remove the unwanted apps directly from the device. To do this press down on the app you wish to remove and continue to press until all the icons start to jiggle. When they are jiggling you will notice a little x appears in the corner of all the apps. Click on the x of the app you wish to remove. It will give you a warning that you are about to remove the app. Once removed, you can remove as many as you wish while the apps are still jiggling. Once all the apps you wish to be removed are gone, press your home button at the bottom and the apps will stop jiggling.

 App removal method 2: This next method is my preferred method most of the time. It is more of a way to manage your apps. The problem with the first method is even though you have deleted the apps off your device, they are still listed in your iTunes and could at some point be inadvertently be put back on your device the next time you sync it with iTunes. So follows these steps to delete and manage your apps. Plug your device into your computer. Launch iTunes and wait for your device to appear on the left hand side. Click on your device it could be called “Jims iPad” or just “iPad” or phone it all depends on what you have named it. Once you have selected it, near the top in the center you will notice all the components of your iDevices, you will want to select the tab called Apps. Just be careful as not to confuse with the apps tab that runs at the top right had side Ill explain what that is in a minute. From here you can manage all your apps. It shows you what is currently installed on your device and what apps are available to be put on. To remove apps from your device take out the checkmark beside the app you want to remove. At the same time you can organize your apps and arrange them how you see fit. Now this is important. You will now want to sync your device. This will apply the change you just made. Following this method won’t put the apps back on unless you add a checkmark beside the apps name.

 Now to explain what the other apps tab is at the top on the right hand side. This is a list of all apps you have purchased and are available to install to all your iDevices. It’s a good idea to clean this list up every now and then. There are probably a lot in there that you will never use again so may as well get ride of them so as not to junk up your iTunes. Do this by right clicking on the app and remove. It will ask you to confirm sending it to the recycling bin. Again no worries if it was a paid app. If down the road you wish to install it again all you need do is visit the app store and redownload it. You will not have to pay for it again.

how to remove apps from itunes and iphone

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