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How do I delete photos in Photo Stream

How do I delete photos from Photo Stream? This is a good question and I wish there was a simple answer. During the beta testing of iCloud and Photo Stream there was a delete button right within the Photo Stream album. You where able to delete individual photos that would then delete the photo from all your devices. However with the final release of iOS 5 and iCloud that feature was removed…Why? Who know most likely there was a bug that they could not resolve in time for the public release. I’m sure that feature will be added back in future updates of iOS 5 and hopefully soon.

In the meantime there is a way to delete your photos from Photo Stream but it deletes them all, so make sure you save any photos you want to keep permanently to another album on your iPhone or iPad.

There are a few steps to this process. First you need to turn off photo stream on all your devices. This can be done by going into the settings app, then iCloud, then PhotoStream. Switch the toggle to off. Repeat this step for all devices including your iPhone, iPad, iPod and even your PC if you have downloaded the iCloud software.

The next step is your will need to login to the http://www.icloud.com/ website. You will use your same Apple ID that you use for your devices and iTunes. Once logged into iCloud, click your login name at the top right hand corner of the screen. A new dialog box will pop up, click on the button that says “Advanced” you will now see a new button that says “Reset Photo Stream” Go ahead and click on this button and it will remove all photos currently stored in your PhotoStream within iCloud.

You can now re-enable photo stream on your devices and you will notice the album will now be empty. I would like to point out that many have had problems resetting their Photo Stream albums. They get a message stating there is a server error. This is on Apples end and not much you will be able to do if you get this error until Apple gets things fixed. So in the mean time, keep your photos PG ;) they may be on your phone permanently for a while until Apple gets all the bugs work out.

reset photo stream in icloud

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