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How do i dry out my iPhone after it was dropped in water or has got wet?

How to dry out a wet iPhone! So you just dropped your iPhone in water or you got your  iPhone wet from jumping in a pool and forgot your iPhone was in your pocket or maybe you dropped it in a puddle when it was raining. Don’t Panic! There is a good chance your iPhone can be dried out and saved. It’s a good idea when it wet do not attempt to turn it on or use it. This could cause further damage. First take a towel and dry as much of the moisture off the phone and in the ports as you cane, dab gently around your ports as not to damage any parts in the dock connecter. Then place the iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice and place in a warm spot for 24 hours. Make sure the bag is sealed (Ziploc bags work great) as this will force the rice to suck all moister out of the iPhone. This principle works the same way as placing rice in a salt shaker to keep it from lumping together.

After 24 hours remove the iPhone from the rice, it should be dry now including the internal components. Power on your iPhone to see if it starts. You should be good to go. Keep in mind this method does not always work if the iPhone shorted out when it was submerged in water. However this method is pretty reliable and has a good success rate. If your iPhone still will not power on you may need to contact an iPhone repair store.

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